What is Leadership? Here is the Ultimate Guide How to Become a Great Leader

Being a leader has been one of the most considerable challenges for each individual. At certain points in your life, you might be having the dilemma to become a leader. But one thing you should know that every person has the potential to become a leader.

It is only depending on the person who wants to unveil their true leader nature. Not all people are up to the responsibility of a good leader. If you’re willing to have great leadership, you really need to get yourself involved in real practices. Ones will never know the results unless they try it by themselves. The same thing goes for you as well. When you run your role as a leader, you will lead yourself and your team for the greater good. But becoming a true leader requires a long way to overcome.

What Does Leadership Mean?

We can fairly define the leadership as an attempt of social influencing which encourage others to contribute their efforts for the specific objective. Being a leader in specific cause will ensure that everyone on board has the same goals.

In fact, leadership is completely different with the higher positions, ages privileges, and so on. It has nothing to do with a certain senior or higher position in an organization or a company. Leadership can proceed to the extents in every layer of organization. Anyone who is in the higher position does not merely mean that they have greater leadership than their subordinates. It has nothing to do with the titles, job description, honorific, or else. It is a trait rather than label.

How successful people define leadership

Popular names in the world of business have different points of view about the leadership definition. You can learn a thing or two from their own leadership definitions.

Bill Gates: "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

It is true that empowering others called as a leadership. but empowering does not always mean to strive achieving the goals together. Bill Gates opinion about the leadership has room to improve, which is the vision itself.

According to Warren Bennis: Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Well, you indeed have a vision. But it does not mean that you can lead others to have the same vision as yours.

Meanwhile, John Maxwell has a unique view of the leadership:  "Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less."

It is one of the most favorite quotes revolving around the social entrepreneurship enthusiasts. But it procures ambiguity. What kind of influence? As we know, influence can be good or bad. You know what happens out there when people give such bad influence to others. There can be wars, political issues, riots, and so on.

The leadership definition should be simple, pure, and straightforward. But we cannot say that those experts are completely true or wrong. As expected from the  entrepreneurship realm, they are perceiving the world differently than others. That’s why we can see such spectrum of leadership depending on the entrepreneurs themselves. It will be possible that you might come up with your own definition of leadership later.

10 Ways to Train Yourself to Be a Great Leader

It is straightforward for people who want to be a leader. But to become a good one, it is something else. To attain such a good leadership, you will need to train yourself. It is not an overnight rodeo. Hence, the struggle is not an easy one. Here are the keys to train yourself to be a great leader.

Develop your personal and team skill growth

Obviously, you cannot neglect the fact that leadership requires skills. What skills? That is your leadership skills. Keep in mind that most of the leadership skills are transferable. So, once you get ones, you can make it work for different types of niches.

When it comes to How to Become a Leader in a business, you will not only focus on yourself. You are working with your team. It is only natural that you also encourage your team to have the leadership skills to improve. When both you and your people improve, your business premises will also improve to the most satisfying extent.

Being a leader does not mean that you have to be the most resourceful person in the team. It is a complete opposite. Leading your team means that you have focused on particular skill sets. After all, your teammates will fill the other tasks with their own skills.

Working with your team means to be more flexible and adaptable. There will be tons of different scenarios to overcome. You will want to be open to all possibilities to find the best solution. It is important to have the ability to harness other people skills and abilities to achieve the same goals.

Be curious

There is no stoppage of learning for the true leaders. If you have achieved certain points as a leader, it does not justify your end. Learning journey for leader is infinite. Be curious. Learn new things. Travel around and see the world from different windows.

Not all leaders can seek the opportunities. In most cases, their judgement is clouded by emotions from criticism. It is important to hear the feedback from your teammates. Their honest opinions will help you to find some room for improvement. If you constantly do this, as the time goes by, you will become better leaders than yesterday.

Listen to different ideas from your closet friends and family members. If you are working with your team, allowing them to shoot something out so that you know the thing you need to improve. Don’t underestimate others’ opinions about you. Comprehending their opinions will save you a lot of hassles in the future.

Invest in people

If you have been running your business or organization, it is important to know that people are what matters. People’s morale, motivation, efforts can bring you and your company to such achievements.

It is important to have good people on your side. Chances are your people have good set of skills, knowledge, and experiences. They are able to contribute to your causes. Part of your responsibility as a leader is to keep them happy and motivated. It is important to build great communication with them to nurture them. Keeping engaged with them will improve their loyalty and dedication in your business.

It is relevant to inform them with a clear vision and keep them tapped on the progress of your company. After all, you are working together with them.

Be a master communicator.

One of the most crucial ways on How to Become a Leader is to hone your communication skills. Two-way communications are naturally better than one-sided communication. Therefore, your ability to learn can really set yourself apart from the self-proclaimed leaders. Listening to your team’s opinions can be harder than talking to them.

But if you spare some time and space to allow other people to talk to you, you will be able to perceive the world from their point of view. There is a good power in putting yourself in other’s shoes. It gives you the privilege to understand their specific point of view. Give others time to talk to you. Don’t get it wrong. It will give you the chance to assess what you’re doing right now. You will be able to find the best solutions for your team.

To be a good leader, it does not hurt to take a communication course online or offline. Whether it is speaking, writing, or else, you will need it. If you have noticed through the success stories, you will find out that great leaders are good communicators. They are capable people who can hook their audiences up to get involved in a progressive conversation.

Be a teacher and mentor, not a boss or preacher.

There is no good outcome when you are being their boss, rather than their leader. The best way to lead people is to teach them with your proficiency. the team leader does not boss around. Rather, they proclaim their position by sharing the good things for a better result. Being their mentor means to share your experiences and inspire them to get more involved in your business.

the mentoring session in a company is the solid example of being a leader. As I mentioned before, leadership has nothing to do with titles or job positions. So, it will be possible to demonstrate something in the front of your supervisors and higher ups to emphasis your statements and ideas. They will know for sure that you have certain leadership skills to observe.

People who join your team are fond of improvement. They want to learn something for you to make them better than yesterday. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to lead them, not to preach them.

Trust your team

If you don’t trust people in your team, then you might not be a good leader at all. You tag along your friends or colleagues to join your team for reasons. You might see what they are capable of. Most of them know how to get the job done right. Although you still have doubts in your mind, it does not necessarily mean that you can meddle with their responsibility. Let them do what they do. Give them space to work without being patronized. Supervise them with the right proportion.

Your great team is not formed overnight. It requires time to progress. But as the time being, it is your role to strengthen the bonds amongst the members of your time. Spend a great valuable time with them to trade ideas, inspire each other, tell stories, and so on. The more you know about the team, the more you what it takes to support, help, guide, and mentor them.

To make your team stay operative, you will want to stick to your goals. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with them. The trust trades work so simple. When you trust them, they will trust you.

Control your emotions

“Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement”. you might have heard this quote from TVseries, movies, ads, seminary, or other sources. Well, what they said is not entirely true.

Emotions could have two types: the negative emotions and positive emotions. Obviously, that statement is appropriate to against the negative emotions. So, you will only after the positive emotions. Not all leaders know How to Become a Leader with their positive emotions. Positive emotions are the fuel of the leaders.

Therefore, it is also crucial to control your emotions. It is not easy to reflect on your wrongdoings and admit your mistakes. Many business owners or team leaders got away with their mistakes and they just did their things just like any other day. In the end, their subordinates couldn’t respect them more. but if you are open to your team, they will respect you more as a leader.

Care and Compassion. 

Leaders who care about their team are the true leader, period.

You may have seen some abuse of power cases when the boss takes credit out of the work of others. Their subordinates did all the hard work while the higher ups took the credits. Well, we have seen a lot. But that’s it. That’s the end for them. They won’t be a true leader if they keep it that way.

The true leaders are fair with the credit distribution. They always rewards people who deserve to get it. It is important to admit the skills and achievements that your team have made. Praise them in front of other people for motivation. But when it comes to sharing the room for improvement, you will want to do it in the closed door room. After all, no one wants to get criticized in the public.

When you need, Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to rely on your team. Leadership is not about the lonewolf. You cannot do it all alone. There are some weaknesses and strengths. And that’s what team is for. Asking your teammates or mentees for helps do not degrade your quality as a leader.

In the opposite, they will respect your decision because you allow them to handle the things they are expert in. Don’t hesitate to mention that you got a big help from your subordinates. it can really show that you are a true team leader since you work well with your team.

Have fun together

Don’t forget to have fun! Building such a fun working environment is one of the greatest approaches on How to Become a Leader. There will be good results when everyone feels good when working in your company.

if you’re doing business with passion, it will be easier to find the fun factors in the working environment. The best leaders know how to harness on these fun factors to keep everybody motivated and enthusiastic. When you have such great connections with your team members, your daily work life will be fun.

You may still have a long way to become a true leader. But if you keep your passion intact, there is nothing that can prevent you from having the great leadership skills.